Salute to Jello Salads!


With the holidays approaching, all the traditional foods come out with dyspepsia promises blazing from ovens – like guns at a wild west shoot out. Cookbooks long forgotten and worn out recipe cards are dug out of shelves and drawers. Every pot and pan in the house has something bubbling in it. The freezer is stuffed with goodies. Your pants feel snug… All this and more happens at Christmas.

But what if you could provide a make ahead treat? What if you could prepare some of your edibles in advance?
Great glittering snowballs, that would be marvelous!
Enter the Jello-O salad.

You may be thinking, that jello is jello and no amount of whipped cream is going to make this a time saving, impressive dish to serve at Christmas. This is where you are wrong, my friend. Maybe you aren’t old enough to appreciate the salads served to you in the 1960’s, maybe your grandparents had all of their teeth and didn’t need soft, easily chewed food, maybe your childhood sucked. Any of these reasons are good enough, but your excuses will not be, for you are reading this blog, and therefore are coming with me on this gelatin journey. We will be nostalgic and refreshed with these culinary delights and yes, so will your guests.

So, I bring to you another small mini series event. From Pumpkin Palooza we go to Salute to Jell-O Salads, where I will be bringing you the practically extinct delights of the Jell-O salad both sweet and savory. I am going to try to extend this mini series throughout the coming year so that we may enjoy the summer recipes as well as the winter ones.

So, grab a spoon and let’s dig in!


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