Birthday Buddy Ingrid Bergman

Yes! It’s true! Ingrid Bergman and I have the same birthday. What does this mean? Could it be that somehow I am destined to be a star, just because we share August 29th as our birthday? Am I going to possess any of her charms and graces?  No. Of course not. It’s just a neat little fact. Your trivia for the day, if you will.
But she is one of my favourite actresses and so I will feature her today because it is our birthday.
Now, I’m not going to write a mini-biography about Ms. Bergman. You can look her up on or better yet read her biographies.

I recommend these because I have read them and found them informative and enjoyable:

Ingrid Bergman: My Story by Ingrid Bergman & Alan Burgess

Ingrid: Ingrid Bergman, A Personal Biography by Charlotte Chandler

Even though we have nothing in common, I am sure that we would have been friends had the opportunity arose.


Happy Birthday to us!



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